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Recycling of demolition waste

As the main activities of our company are related to demolition and demounting, recycling of demolition waste is an integral part of our work, especially nowadays, when we all try to save money and are concerned with ecology, recycling of raw materials and their reuse.

Few words about the process. Our company has own equipment for recycling all demolition waste (starting from generation of raw materials, i.e. demolition), namely, a self-propelled excavator with a hydraulic hammer which can crush strong wall constructions, a wheeled loader the capacity of which is up to 4 m3 and a mobile crusher Extec.C12+. The self-propelled excavator with scissors and a hydraulic chisel is always used in demolition sites for splitting the largest blocks of concrete or other material into smaller ones which are then loaded into the mobile crusher with the help of the wheeled loader and the crusher turns them into chips. The crusher Extec separately crushes pieces of brick works, lightweight concrete, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone or coal. It also has a magnet installed inside that separates pieces of steel or constructional metal from crushed concrete.

The demolition waste crushed into chips perfectly suits for construction, building roads, making sites, building temporal roads, drainage layers or for any works.

If needed, the recycled chips can be separated out according to requested fractions. Chips of smaller fractions can be used as raw material (inert material) in production of concrete.