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Demolition is one of the main activities of our company. Many people think that demolition is not construction and that demolition is much easier than construction.

However, it is the opposite in reality. Technology used in the modern demolition requires a lot of investments, special trainings for employees and special qualifications. Our company is defined by precisely these characteristics. Demolition is dismantling-demolishing of various buildings from a residential house to warehouses and plants of various sizes. At the beginning of the demolition process our highly qualified experts evaluate a state of a building and draw up a technological demolition design. Before beginning any works in the object, a construction permit for demolishing and demounting the building is obtained. As soon as all necessary permits are obtained, a site for performing the works, which must satisfy all occupational safety requirements, is prepared, the territory is fenced, dangerous zones are determined and access to dangerous zones is restricted. Once these preparatory works are completed, the funniest and hardest part starts.

Following the technological demolition design, the heavy equipment starts operating: a long boom excavator with hydraulic scissors and an excavator with a hydraulic hammer.

When demolition waste starts to accumulate, a wheeled loader and a mobile crusher are brought for recycling the demolition waste. The wheeled loader loads the crusher with the demolition waste which is then recycled into chips. Chips are either removed from the site or are used in situ, e.g., for temporal roads, sites or for levelling a territory. When the whole building is demolished, the foundations of the demolished building as well as any other foundations within the territory of the former building are removed so that they do not pose any obstacles when performing new construction works, laying new foundations or communications, forming the relief or providing urban amenities, etc. After completing all demolition, chips recycling and foundation removal works, the site is prepared for future projects.